Terms & Conditions


Article 1: Registration and processing of personal data

1.1. The ability to make purchases on BeyondFood’s online store can require creating an account on the www.beyondfood.ch website. In this regard, the client determines a user name and a personal password. Only clients can access these information and modify them at any time by visiting their personal account

1.2. The customer's delivery address must necessarily be located on the territory of the Swiss Confederation. BeyondFood is free to decline registrations outside of that territory.

1.3. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the data transmitted to BeyondFood who can not be held responsible for any errors or inaccuracies, including the wording of the delivery address.  

1.4. By registering with BeyondFood, the client tacitly agrees to receive information from BeyondFood via different communication channels (email, mail, SMS, phone). Customers may withdraw this authorization at any time, easily and free of charge by following the instructions on their account. 

1.5. BeyondFood discloses personal data to third parties only insofar as they are essential to the correct execution of the order or payment (eg. Data transmission to Stripe, payment recovery companies, etc.). Customers' information are treated with confidentiality. 

1.6. By commenting on BeyondFood's products and services on a website, blog or on any social networks and media, the customer irrevocably authorizes BeyondFood to share that content on its website or other advertising media support.


Article 2: Orders   

2.1. By purchasing an order on our website, all customers accept our terms and conditions.

2.2. Clients who purchased a subscription agree that the initial order placed with BeyondFood at -50% is automatically renewed from week to week at full price for at least 2 consecutive weeks after which the customer can pause or cancel the subscription. In order to pause or cancel the subscription, clients must send an email to admin@beyondfood.ch. The time at which the email is received by BeyondFood prevails. The subscription will be paused or cancelled immediately if the email was sent on a Sunday before midnight the latest. Otherwise, the changes will not be taken into consideration for the coming week but only for one following.   

2.3. Orders are delivered in reusable bags/boxes and coolers which are both recovered at the next delivery. BeyondFood will charge the client 10 CHF every time the customer fails to return an item. 

2.4. Products ordered by mistake are not reimbursed by BeyondFood and can not be returned.   

2.5. If an ingredient programmed in one of the recipes advertised on the website www.beyondfood.ch is not available at the time of delivery, it is replaced with an equivalent product. In case there is a problem with the order received (difference of quantity, product or quality), the customer has to notify BeyondFood within a maximum of 36 hours so that it can be rectified accordingly.  

2.6. BeyondFood has the right to limit the number of orders. 


Article 3: Payments   

3.1. All prices given include VAT at the applicable rate of 2.5%.   

3.2. BeyondFood is a service operating on the basis of a subscription that can be paused or canceled according to the conditions specified in 2.2. The customer is charged for the amount of the initial order and is then automatically charged with the same amount each Monday before delivery, unless the customer validly paused or canceled the subscription. 

3.3. The bank details of BeyondFood are organized as follows: CCP: 12-382829-9 (IBAN CH76 0900 0000 1238 2829 9) 

3.4. The customer pays online using one of the methods available on our website. 

3.5. The final bill will be available in the customer online personal account no later than the business day following the delivery of the order. The customer may request receipt of each invoice by e-mail, at no cost, or by mail for CHF 1.50.   

3.6. The customer is responsible for ensuring that sufficient funds are available to cover the next order to avoid his order being cancelled by the BeyondFood management software.   

3.7. In case of insufficient funds, BeyondFood reserves the right to decide to make the delivery or not. An insufficient balance to cover the cost of the order to come does not necessarily entail that it will be cancelled thus, if the customer wishes to cancel a delivery, the steps described under section 2.2 must be followed.  

3.8. BeyondFood will charge the customer an additional 10 CHF per missing item every time the main bag/box or cooler provided with each delivery fails to be returned by the customer. This extra cost will be refunded if the reusable packaging is returned at a later stage.


Article 4: Delivery

4.1. All orders placed until Sunday at 23:59 are delivered on Tuesday of the following week.

 4.2. BeyondFood only delivers in the canton of Geneva and parts of Vaud at the address and following the instructions specified by the customer.

4.3. BeyondFood only delivers on Tuesday evenings between 3 and 10 pm. Customers cannot choose a specific delivery time. 

4.4. Customers can change their delivery settings by sending an email at admin@beyondfood.ch. Changes in delivery settings made before midnight on the Sunday preceding the next delivery will be taken into account for the upcoming delivery. Otherwise, the changes will not be taken into consideration for the coming week but only for one following.   

4.5. Customers can instruct BeyondFood to deliver their order to a third party or to leave the order at the door or in another place in case they are absent at the time of delivery by sending an email to admin@beyondfood.ch. BeyondFood is not responsible in case of damage, deterioration or other alteration of the customer's order.

4.6. Customers must ensure the return of the reusable packaging or they will be charged 10 CHF for any item missing. These 10 CHF will be refunded if the reusable packaging is returned at a later stage.

4.7. BeyondFood does not deliver on Sundays, national and cantonal public holidays. The customer is notified beforehand of exceptional modification of the delivery date due to such public holidays.

4.8. BeyondFood undertakes to deliver the invoiced purchases and to respect the cold chain and the quality of the products until their delivery to the place chosen by the customer. From that moment on, the responsibility for the delivered goods rests on the customer alone, regardless of his or her presence, or lack thereof, upon delivery. It is advised to refrigerate immediately the perishable goods upon delivery to preserve the quality of the order delivered.


Article 5: Disclaimer

5.1. BeyondFood cannot guarantee the accuracy, precision or completeness of the information provided on this site. The photos are not contractual.

5.2. BeyondFood reserves the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions from time to time to reflect changes in market conditions affecting its operations, changes in technology, changes in payment methods, changes in laws and regulations. The customer is subject to the conditions in effect at the time the order is placed unless a change to these terms and conditions should intervene by law (in this case the change will be deemed applied to orders already placed by the customer) or if BeyondFood changes these conditions and inform the customer before the confirmation of the order (in this case, BeyondFood assumes that the client has accepted the modification of terms and conditions, unless he informed BeyondFood of the contrary within seven working days after receiving the order).

5.3. In the event of disagreement or dispute, the customer agrees to cooperate in mediation before initiating any legal proceedings.

5.4. The jurisdiction of BeyondFood Sàrl is based in Geneva, subject to appeal to the Federal Court, only the Geneva courts are competent to settle disputes arising from the interpretation and / or violation of these terms and conditions.