We source products that are fresh, seasonal, predominantly local and organic to respect both your health and our planet.


Meat & Poultry:

The meat we select is of Swiss origin* and predominantly organic.

We always source products with the GRTA certification when available which guarantees:

- the quality of Geneva’s farm products because of their freshness, diversity, and taste, growing methods that respect the environment – and no genetically modified plants or animals;

- proximity, which fosters a climate of confidence between producers and consumers – and proximity means that all products originate in Geneva and the Free Zone, and require only local transportation;

- traceability – transparency every step of the way, from farm to plate;

- fairness, and that applies not only to work conditions but respect for collective agreements. Fairness means ensuring decent income for farm work.

*Apart from duck, which comes from the south of France and is certified "label rouge"


Products of the sea:

We source in priority products with the MSC certification or bearing the Friends of the sea seal of approval when available.

These labels ensure that fish are caught at levels that allow fish populations and the ecosystems on which they depend to remain healthy and productive for the future.

By sourcing these products BeyondFood supports sustainable fishing practices that contribute to the health of the world’s oceans.


Fruits & Vegetables:

We exclusively source fruits and vegetables that are seasonal to create menus that are diverse and respectful of nature's cycle.

We select local products when they can be grown in Switzerland. However, in order to bring a touch of exoticism and some extra vitamins, we found that it was fundamental to be able to source some products from abroad but we ensure that these products are also in season where they are grown.

We priorities fruits and vegetables that are organic when available to respect your health and our planet!