Packaging & recycling

Help us keep our service green and sustainable.


Your menu will be delivered in a cardboard box or a jute bag containing a cooler. Please treat these items with care. Our team will collect both at your next delivery to reuse them.

If not home at the time of the delivery, you can leave these items outside your front door when leaving in the morning. And when you cancel your subscription, we offer to come to pick up the items you might have in your possession for free!

We would however like to remind you that, in order to promote good recycling habits, we reserve the right – as outlined in our terms and conditions – to charge you 10 CHF for every missing item.


The packaging we use is 100% recyclable or compostable:

- The transparent cups of all sizes as well as the transparent re-closable bags are compostable;

- The paper bags of all sizes can be recycled with paper and cardboard;

We do our best to ensure your products keep fresh while minimising packaging in order to be sustainable. Please refer to the recycling info sheet given to you with your first order to know how to dispose of the packaging.